Let's Talk Fertility

Let's talk fertility. Freezing eggs is a discussion for a lot of women, but the ins and outs of it are not heavily discussed. And a big question that I have found has not been well answered: HOW MUCH DOES THIS EFFING COST?! I sat down with Dr. Catha Fischer to ask all of my questions and I got so many answers!

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5 Reasons You Should Be Investing Right Now

Investing is so right now. Here are 5 reasons you should be investing in the stock market right now.

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5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Investing Course Ever

Ok, ok...I know I'm a little biased, but my Let's Invest course will truly change your life. It's been years in the making — thousands of hours or research, development, content creation, filming and more. Read why this investing course is the best on the market today.

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A Love Letter to Let's Invest

Today is a big day. No, it’s not 50 Cent’s birthday. But rather, it’s the day my new course, Let’s Invest, goes live. Oh, and even tho I literally *just* made a joke about 50 Cent, be warned that this newsletter is VERY deep & genuine & won’t be funny in it at all. It’s more about how far we have come, etc... You might cry by the end, be warned.

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Pay Transparency

I am checking in to talk about pay transparency. There are lots of reports about how open Gen Zs & millennials are about their salaries! Which… we love!

But also… can get complicated. How do you handle finding out a coworker makes more than you? Should job descriptions include salaries? There’s SO MANY QUESTIONS! And, I have answers.

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Wedding Gift Budgeting 101

It’s wedding season — which is great news for love but bad news for bank accounts.
So, because I’m a financial pop star, I made a quiz to help us all navigate this tricky age-old finance question:

How the #$!^ do I know how much to spend on a wedding gift?!

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How F$*$&(* Are You For A Recession?! Quiz Time

I am (unfortunately) not Madame Cleo. Which means, I have no idea if a recession is FOR SURE coming or when it will arrive. But I do know how to help you prepare for… whatever does happen!

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New Month, New Money Reset

What does a new month mean?

Another month to get rich, duh!

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Rent Negotiation, Baby!

Did you know summer is the most popular time to move? I moved 3 summers ago - not to brag. And now I’m sort of ready to move again but also the New York rental market is HORRIFIC right now, so I think I’m gonna stay put for a bit longer? Which means… it’s time to renegotiate my lease.

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Take That PTO

It's sweet sweet summertime, and for most of us that means we're finally taking that PTO we've been looking forward to for months. But pump the breaks before you head off on your Jetset vacay…anyone else struggle with being OOT?

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