Here are our fav tools to help you get your $.H.I.T (salary, home, investments, taxes) together!
HYSA  (high yield savings account)
STOP👏 KEEPING👏 YOUR 👏SAVINGS IN👏 A REGULAR CHECKINGS ACCOUNT. Open a HYSA instead. They earn 50x more interest than a traditional savings account. This is where you’ll keep your emergency fund as well as short-term savings :) 
Ally Bank
Best Bank
Axos is an online bank, which rocks bc going to the bank sucks. Don’t get me wrong- I love a free pen- but if I can do something on my phone instead of going in person- sign me up! They offer great interest rates, lots of checking account options and their app has a great interface! Not convinced? Google Axos Bank and read some reviews. People are obsessed.
Axos Bank
Best credit cards
For Those New On the Credit Card Scene
Capital One Platinum Credit Card
For Those who like Cold Hard Cash Back
Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards
For Those Who Dine Out More Than In
Chase Sapphire Reserve
For Those Who are Part of the Jet Set
Chase Sapphire Preferred
Online Brokerage
If you wanna build your own portfolio, use It’s our fav brokerage! We love the way they let you see what money moves other investors are taking (follow me!)
Don’t get it twisted- you don’t need to manage your own portfolio to be a successful investor. Just use a roboadvisory, duh!  I obviously (and famously) recommend Wealthfront. Your money will compound while you live your damn life.
Student Loans / Personal Debt
Have debt you need to pay off? Use Sofi. They refinance your loans with a lower interest rate so you make a fixed monthly payment that allows you to make real progress on getting out of debt and into the next stage of your financial journey- building wealth.
Credit Score Tracking
Your credit card is your financial GPA. Use Credit Karma to check yours! It’s FREE and will give you that number, baby.
Credit Karma
You don’t need to spend a ton to look expensive, you just need to spend WELL. These are my fav 2nd hand retailers.
We are in the golden age of couponing. In that we don’t have to cut coupons! These websites and browser add-ons do the work for you. So you have more time to stalk European men at Cipriani.
RakutenHoney Chrome Add-on
Best Finance Apps
Taxes sucks but TurboTax does a great job simplifying the process so even the most tax-confused pleb can file a return.
Negotiating your bills is important but so is watching Succession. Trim helps you track your money & will also negotiate your cable and phone bills FOR YOU so you can watch more Cousin Greg.
Password Managers
Keeping all your login information to your financial accounts in one place is super important! You don’t want to have to hit “forgot password” every time you wanna check a bill. So- use Bitwarden. It’s free and easy to use.
Three Comma Club
Need friends to talk money with? Join the Three Comma Club! It’s our Facebook Group and is filled with future rich people JUST LIKE YOU who want to have honest conversations about growing wealth.
The Three Comma Club
Reading is the best money tool!
A good book about finance will change your life. (And a good book about life will change your finances…). These are my favorites! They have helped me shift my money mindset and I know will help shift yours too!
Haley’s Favorite Books
Get Smarter About Money
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