August 2, 2022

5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Investing Course Ever

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

#1 — It's Bingeable

We thought financial education that met our high entertainment/ comedy-standards was impossible.  It's not. If you prefer to watch Bravo- not CNBC- this is the course for you. We worked with the top comedians in the business as well as financial experts to create the most engaging, fun, and educational financial content on the market. We eliminated the bore so you always want more!

#2 — It's Personalized to Your Finances

We've all been there. Someone is trying to explain the stock market to you & it's confusing, boring & you're unsure how it fits in YOUR life with YOUR finances. But our course is personalized to you. We designed The Ledger to give you a place to apply these teachings to your life. With places to plan out your financial goals & formulas that help you figure out how much you can invest monthly, you can rest assured that with this course, you'll actually be taking action & will leave it an investor.

#3 — Created by Mrs. Dow Jones Herself

Mrs. Dow Jones has done it again. She was adamant on creating an investing course that people would be obsessed with, actually want to take & would leave with money in the market.  That's why we call it Let's Invest- because you will leave having actually invested. She delivered!

#4 — It Teaches You What You Need to Know, Nothing Else

We cover the core basics in this course so you can feel confident growing your money- not confused by a lot of fluff. Let's Invest has only what you need, nothing else. Use our supplementary text suggestions to take things further. But- it's not necessary. You don't need anything but this course to get you started investing.

#5 — We Had a Waitlist of 5,000+

Yes, it's true. More than 5,000 people signed up on a waitlist so that when this course dropped, they could be the first to experience another course from Finance Is Cool University.

Are you sold yet? Ready to experience the investing course that 5,000 people waited for? Try Let's Invest Right Now!!

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