February 28, 2023
Haley's Money Diary

Haley's Money Diary #3

Written By:
Haley Sacks
(aka Mrs. Dow Jones)

Welcome to Haley's Money Diary!

I have terrible news. I think I’m addicted to newness. I realized I fetishize new months, new clothes, new boyfriends, new restaurants, new apartments — basically anything NEW!!

Who can relate? And also — WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS? Are we under a spell that if things are new it means they are better? That the freshness of virgin experiences & objects will wash away all our sins from the past and allow us to unlock the versions of ourselves we ultimately want to be?

So I want you to consider that with your spending this week. What are you buying because you actually need & what are you buying just because it’s new & it holds a promise that with it you’re immediately gonna have a better life?

Okay but enough with the deep talk — here’s a roundup of my best & worst purchases.

Best Purchase of the Week:


I wallpapered my rental apartment (proof here lol) and now that I’m moving & want my security deposit back, it’s time to REMOVE IT! Instead of spending my time to save money and remove it myself, I spent $500 to have it removed. Slay.

PRICE: $500


Worst Purchase of the Week:


I have been doing my own nails recently (I really like the Olive & June polishes, they make it easy) but I am going on GOOD MORNING AMERICA today & speaking at AMERICAN EXPRESStomorrow (swag) so I was like, you know what Haley girl, go get them professionally done.

So I did and then after I asked the woman if she liked how they turned out and she said “NOT REALLY! I MESSED UP A LOT!” and I thought she was just being humble because at first glance they looked good lol & I was just happy not to have to paint them myself but in the light I was like “ok yeah you did mess up girly. Maybe take a class?” So yeah, this experience was a $60 emotional rollercoaster.

PRICE: $60


What's My Personality This Week?

Building Generational Wealth

Aka making sure my future kids are setup to live their richest lives.I rounded up the best ways to grow generational wealth in my latest YouTube video. Use them wisely to set your child up for a great future. Oh, and a lot of them have tax benefits LOL so it’s a win win.

Finance Tip/Trick of the Week:


Taxes are EXPENSIVE ENOUGH! Paying to file them? Ew! No — thank you! If you make > $73k a year, use IRS free file. And if you make < $73k and don't know if you should file your taxes on your own or hire someone to do it, take my FREE tax quiz to find out & get resources. Take the quiz here.